Many homebuyers struggle with the decision of whether to buy a new home or one that is pre-owned. There was a time when this decision was more difficult to make because the features were similar.  However, advancements in building materials and construction techniques have created financial and lifestyle advantages, making the new home purchase a far superior choice.


A new Briggs home is more energy efficient than a home that was built only a few years ago. There have been huge advancements in building science, systems and materials that provide a reduction in monthly energy costs compared with homes that were built as few as two years ago.  The advantage of a new home over a home built 10 or more years ago is even greater.  Remodeling an old home can often improve the energy efficiency of that home but is difficult to bring an old home up to the efficiency rating of a new home.  Many times the cost of remodeling cannot be recouped while new home values typically increase over time. 


Innovative design ideas are important at Briggs Homes and each floor plan is designed for today's family and their changing lifestyles. With a new home, buyers can enjoy the most current advancements in technology, appliances, floor plans, and design accents.  Customizing every feature of your new home is a very exciting process and allows you to enjoy your new home after you move in- instead of constantly "working” on your old home. 


Your new Briggs home will be customized to fit the wants and needs ofyour family.  You will select the city, subdivision, lot and floorplan that best fit your family’s lifestyle.  Then the fun begins!  You will visit our custom Design Center and select all the finish components of your new home including paint color, cabinets and flooring, just to name a few. 


New homes us the latest and greatest construction methods and building materials.  The energy efficiency, technology features and life safety components of new homes are much more advanced than those found in a pre-owned home. New homes have almost no maintenance requirements for many years after they are constructed and problems that might surface are covered by the Builder’s limited warranty- something Pre-owned homes do not provide leading simple maintenance items to become overwhelming. 


Every new Briggs home comes standard with a Builders limited one year warranty, extended manufactures warranty and a 10-year structural warranty, something most pre-owned homes simply cannot offer.  These are just a few reasons why buying a new Briggs home is a great decision!