Quality Control

Briggs Homes Quality Control Program

New homes and relationships have something in common- they must stand on strong foundations if they are to last. Because we place as much importance on becoming your Builder for Life as we do on building homes that will last for generations, we have developed a tradition of Quality Control that integrates customer care.

Briggs Homes' Customer Service Team is integral to our industry-leading system of Quality Control. It all starts with a builder who is experienced and builds a quality home from the start. On a regular basis, a Customer Service Team member will visit each home spending several hours per week scrutinizing the home. We were among the first in the industry to begin using pre-inspection to insure quality workmanship, on-time construction and your complete satisfaction. The inspection checklist includes exterior elements- from framing to roofing- and interior components- from plumbing and electrical to designer finishes.

Our Customer Service Team member works with the on-site ERA representative until all unfinished items are complete and any items that do not meet Briggs Homes' high standards are addressed. We review the home again, and then by the time of the Pre-Walk Inspection and Homeowner Orientation and closing, the home is in top notch condition.

The service doesn't stop once you close on your dream home. Briggs Homes provides excellent customer service providing 60-day and 1-year callback opportunities to address any problems that may arise after closing. We pride ourselves in providing a direct contact for homeowners to call in case of questions, as well as educating homebuyers on caring for their homes. Following through on any warranted repairs in a timely manner, arriving and leaving on time, and always standing behind our homes are just some of the keys to our success with customer service.